Mocha Moms is the premier voice and support group for mothers of color. Mocha Moms welcomes people of all religions, races, educational backgrounds and income levels.  Anyone who supports the mission of

Mocha Moms is welcome to join. Mocha Moms, Inc. began with the publishing of a newsletter called Mocha Moms in the hopes of connecting mothers of color with each other. The newsletter was intended to

encourage these mothers to feel good about their choice as well as to provide information to help them be the best and most important influence in their children’s lives. It was distributed to over 100 moms

across the country in the spring of 1997. During the summer of 1997, moms in Prince George’s County, Maryland decided to form a support group called Mocha Moms, Inc. There are now over 100 chapters of

Mocha Moms, Inc. throughout the United States and the organization is continually growing and evolving to meet the needs of our moms, their families, and their communities.  Mocha Moms of Manhattan hosts

support group meetings, playdates, Moms Nights Out(or In), and other events!                                                                               

Manhattan Mocha Moms Board:

President: Crystal Williams 

First Vice President - Sharon Faulk Jean-Pierre

Second Vice President - Colleen Dean Miller

Secretary - Danielle Sullivan

Treasurer - Sonja England